The Hills = Cheap Thrills

Courtesy of MTV

Courtesy of MTV

As a long time watcher, and dare I say “fan” of The Hills, it saddens me to finally admit just how fake the show really is. I take solace in the fact that I don’t think the earlier seasons were nearly as fake or scripted. For instance, for the show to be fake, that would mean that Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag never really had an arguement. Or that Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt never really had an arguement. I would find that hard, if not impossible, to believe.

In last night’s episode, we are expected to believe that Heidi has decided to secretly go off her birth control and get pregnant. We are also expected to believe that Spencer’s friend Charlie (who reminds me of the sleazy guy from Dazed and Confused) has guessed Heidi’s plan. Gee, what a coincidence. Charlie tells Spencer to test Heidi by offering her wine and sushi, two things that pregnant women are told to avoid. I’ll say this much, God bless Spencer for creating 95% of the drama on the show back when it wasn’t fake, but watching Heidi and Spencer navigate serious issues like bringing a child into this world is something I’d rather not see.

Lets cut to the other story of the night. Kristin and Stacie the bartender go to Vegas to escape their issues. Justin Bobby drives all the way to Vegas in the middle of the night to be with Kristin. Just when the story line seemed laughable and almost boring, they through in some girl on girl action. Well played MTV. You’ve got me for another week.

Bright Lights, Big City.


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