Exclusive Interview with Rachel Uchitel’s former co-worker at Bloomberg

Courtesy of A.P.

Courtesy of A.P.

Rachel Uchitel has been linked as the supposed mistress of Tiger Woods.  But nearly seven years ago, Rachel Uchitel worked as a Bloomberg television producer.  During her employment, her fiance James Andrew O’Grady (then 32 years old) died in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11.  He was a managing director with Sandler O’Neil, a full service investment banking firm.   Our souce, Mr. X worked with Uchitel at Bloomberg for nearly 3 years.

Bright Lights:  What was it like working with Uchitel?

Mr. X:  She was known by co-workers.  When she walked by, people would turn their heads. 

Bright Lights:  What was her personality like?

Mr. X:  She was certainly a nice person.  Really outgoing and flirty.

Bright Lights:  Did you talk to her much after 9/11?

Mr. X:  She was really upset.  In fact, pictures of her crying were on the cover of magazines.  Maybe even People magazine?

Bright Lights:  When you look at recent pictures of her, what do you see?

Mr. X:  Well I’m pretty sure she has had some work done.  Maybe collagen lips, something with the chin.

Bright Lights:  Do you think its likely she had an affair with Tiger?

Mr. X:  She seems like she likes the spotlight.  Anything is possible.


3 Responses to “Exclusive Interview with Rachel Uchitel’s former co-worker at Bloomberg”

  1. Tiger Woods Says:

    It sounds to me like Mr X tried to Tap it and got denied

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    […]Exclusive Interview with Rachel Uchitel’s former co-worker at Bloomberg « NYCity Lights[…]…

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