The Glamour Magazine Canon Ball

Friday night (December 4th) I attended the Glamour Magazine Canon Ball at the Empire Hotel in New York City.  The party was at the Rooftop Bar, and it was a fundraiser to raise money for Jessi Marquez and The World Race.

The World Race is a very worthy cause.  It’s an 11-month Christian mission trip to 11 different countries around the world where they will assist different charitable causes in an effort to minimize the harmless effects to those in orphanages, those victimized by the practice of human trafficking, those who are homeless, and those suffering from various illnesses.

The Empire Hotel roof bar is one of my favorite venues, although I have kept away for quite a while due to rumors that it attracts a huge bridge & tunnel crowd.  Now that I have returned to this New York treasure and staked my claim for all New Yorkers, I can honestly say that we shouldn’t have let it slip away for as long as we did.  The crowd is dressed to impress and the place has several rooms, each with a different feel.

There is plenty of outdoor space in case the party gets too hot (pun intended) and all in all there is enough going on that you won’t get bored.

Jessi Marquez and her crew got the dance floor started around 11:30pm and the place was off the hizzy.  Chuck Bass would have been proud.

Bright Lights, Big City.


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