People of Earth

Courtesy of A.P.

For those of you who have not yet seen Conan O’Brien’s official statement regarding moving The Tonight Show to a 12:05am start time, you can see it here. As you will see from the statement, Conan considers The Tonight Show the “greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting.”  I give Conan alot of credit for standing up the NBC brass and staying rationale at a time where the world is changing too fast for people to consider the weight of their actions.  Conan has always paid homage to Johnny Carson, and some of his gestures on stage make that apparent.  In many ways, it reminds me of how I would stick my tongue out while driving to the hoop after watching Michael Jordan play basketball.

When I first heard about the plan to put Leno back at 11:35pm, Conan at 12:05am and Jimmy Fallon at 1:05am, I thought “well done NBC, that sounds good to me.”  Personally, I find that I enjoy Leno the best, not because he is funnier than Conan, but because I think he has better writers and skits.  Also, during interviews, I feel like Conan tries to do a joke every 10 seconds while Leno actually seems to be listening to what they say and gives a better interview.  I’ll digress because this post is not intended to be a comparison between Conan and Leno.

Mainly, I would just like to make a few statements.  #1 Conan, good for you in turning down NBC and their short-sighted offer.  #2 Chelsea Handler just isn’t funny  #3  David Letterman is sometime disrespectful to guests and is too old to interview the people we most want to see.  In his defense, a 60 year old man doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus, or some new rock band.  But he shouldn’t make it so obvious that he doesn’t care.  #4 Lets hope that NBC works something out with Conan because I don’t want to see Late Night with Bob Saget or some other nimrod.  To be honest, I hear Arsenio Hall is available.  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate twist.

Keep it classy New York.

Bright Lights, Big City.



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  1. I am happy that Tiger Woods is back playing. It makes the game exciting yet again.

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