Have you made it big in New York City?

Not too long ago, I was having lunch a friend and he listed his 6 steps to making it in New York City.  After reflecting on each of these steps, I think they are brilliantly on point.

Step #1:  Find a significant other

Step #2:  Find a good job

Step #3:  Buy an apartment

Step #4:  Buy a car so you can take weekend trips outside of NYC

Step #5:  Own a second home outside of NYC

Step #6:  Attain career status that does not require visits to the office.  (Hence you can spend alot more time at your second home outside of NYC)

Let me start by saying that not everyone will accomplish or try to accomplish these 6 steps in the same order.  Also, I find it interesting that most of us can acknowledge that even though we may love NYC, we also need some time outside of the city to stay sane.  These steps are only for those brave enough to weather the storm long enough to accomplish them all.  Many of us will simply move to the suburbs after step #3 or step #4.  But some of us have a hard time letting go from New York City altogether.  Its like, if we leave, we are no longer the same person.

For many, their identity is closely tied to where they live.  Back in 2001, I dated a girl who said she wouldn’t be caught dead above 14th Street.  Maybe she was crazy.  Maybe I’m crazy for understanding where she was coming from at the time.  One thing is certain, if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere.  Keep it real New York.  And don’t give up until you complete all 6 steps.

Bright Lights, Big City.


One Response to “Have you made it big in New York City?”

  1. Say No to light polution, Small Town Says:

    Here’s my house outside the city… I’m almost there…


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