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Good Units – Deep beneath the Hudson Hotel

Posted in Bars on February 9, 2010 by Bright Lights

Last night was the private opening of Good Units, an underground event space beneath the Hudson Hotel.  Originally a YMCA, the basement of the Hudson Hotel had a swimming pool and running track.  Once converted to a hotel, the basement space was converted to storage.  More specifically, the basement was used to store HVAC units and the walls were spray painted with “good units” to label the section where the HVAC units were in working order.  As seen below, those marking are still there and are now the name of the venue.

The party got started around 10pm.  By 11pm, the party was in full swing.  With open bar, excellent service, and a nice looking crowd it was easy to have a good time.  The venue does not yet have a cabaret license, so rest assured there was no dancing.  However, the dance floor is quite impressive and I fully expect this week’s fashion week parties being hosted in the space to be off the chain.

The Hudson Hotel is located at 356 West 58th Street.  However, the eventual entrance for Good Units will be on West 57th Street.

This week’s Fashion Week parties include Susanne Bartsch and Patricia Field.  Overall, I think they have done a great job with the space.  It’s safe to say that Good Units = Good Times.

Bright Lights, Big City.