Coffee is the new black?

Well folks, on my way to work this morning I played a game.  I would spot a well dressed girl, and before seeing if she was holding a coffee or not, I would guess.  While I didn’t tally my exact success rate, I can honestly say it was better than 75%.  Could it be that coffee is actually an accessory for the fashionista ladies of New York?

Courtesy of Shutterstock

If coffee is an accessory, what message does it convey?  A sense of confidence perhaps?  Or maybe it sends the message that this urban cowgirl is ready to face the world now that she has her caffeine pick-me-up.  If you think that my premise is silly, then consider this.  Why would so many celebu-princesses be willing to be photographed holding coffee if they didn’t think it was flattering?

Maybe I am being facetious when I call it the new black, but honey, if you want to look the part, you’d better stop in at Starbucks if you want to own the Avenue.  And hey, you don’t want to be walking down the street and have someone say “that outfit is hot, too bad she didn’t accessorize with some Dean & De Luca.”

Keep it caffeinated New York.

Bright Lights.  Big City.


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