Social Media Week Closing Party @ District 36

From February 7th – 11th, New York City hosted Social Media Week.  The conference was established in 2009 by Crowdcentric Media LLC as a means to connect people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media.

The week’s activities, hosted by industry leaders, focused on five categories or Content Hubs: Arts & Culture; Science & Technology; Business, Media & Communications; People & Society and Entertainment, Gaming & Sports.

Every night this week, these titans of social media met to discuss the days’ events, network, and have a few drinks. The final day of the conference (February 11th) ended with a closing party held at District 36 located at 29 West 36th Street.

The event space was three levels with the basement level reserved for the step and repeat walls, while the 1st floor and 2nd floor were hopping with great tunes, comfy couches, and a large dance floor.  Signage boards were scattered throughout the event to build awareness for the impressive sponsorship of Social Media Week.  There were many prominent sponsors such as Nokia, Pepsico, Youtube, AOL, Google, and many more.

The closing party featured cocktails sponsored by Macallan, and Macallan made its presence known with mini-bars and lively interactions.  In addition, there were tasty tacos provided by Korilla BBQ.

As one drink turned into six, courtesy of the open bar, the dance floor filled up with hot media mavens and Tweeting hipsters.  Update Facebook, do a shot.  Update Twitter, do a shot.  Check in to Foursquare, chug a beer.  This group put the social in Social Media and they certainly knew how to party.

The night featured a performance by Chiddy Bang, and the DJ kept the crowd moving and shaking all night long.  While the party was crowded, the large space provided for dark corners where folks could have a few minutes of privacy and solace.  I’m not saying that this crowd was getting frisky, but after 10 drinks it wasn’t off the table.  After a long week of building connections, building contacts, and building rapport, I’d venture there was some poking going on outside of Facebook.

Thank you, once again, to Crowdcentric Media for a fantastic lineup of events all week long.  Social Media Week has a tremendous relevance that continues to expand, and I expect that next years lineup will be even better.  Keep it social New York.  And remember, if you don’t report it on Twitter, it didn’t really happen.

Bright Lights, Big City.


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