Living in Clinton – West 55th Street

Central Park - Southwest Corner - Midtown West

For the past 12 years, I have lived in Manhattan.  For the past four years, I have lived happily in Clinton on West 55th Street, and I cannot express how surprisingly positive the experience has been.  West 55th Street between 8th & 9th Avenue is the best block in Clinton.  It is the only block in the neighborhood that is 100% residential which makes it a calm oasis and an escape from the hustle and bustle.

West 55th Street - Between 8th & 9th Avenue

Everyday, I walk to and from work which is located in Midtown on the east side.  In the summer, while my co-workers emerge from the subway sweating bullets from the horrible underground humidity, I am able to arrive at work cool as a cucumber from my leisurely walk across town.  Sometimes, I don’t step on the subway for over a month which not only keeps me cool but also saves a lot of money on transportation.  During the summer, I often walk past Rockefeller Center where the Today Show is being filmed.

Bruce Springsteen Performing - Today Show

From free concerts (James Taylor, Maroon 5, Cold Play, Sting) to interviews with celebrities, everyday is something fun and interesting.  Not to mention the fact that walking nearly 2 miles a day keeps you feeling healthy, especially on weeks when you can’t make it to the gym.

Kristin Davis - Today Show - Rockefeller Center

Living near the Theater District is special treat for anyone who enjoys Broadway shows.  No longer is it a huge project to swing by TKTS or even going straight to the box office to buy tickets.  Instead, one can just have a serendipitous night of dinner and a show on short notice.  The same can be said for shows at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall, Roseland Ballroom and New York City Center.

Lincoln Center - Midsummer Night Swing

My apartment on West 55th Street makes for easy access to go running and biking Central Park.  While my building has a bike room, there is so much price competition in this area that bike rentals can be very inexpensive.  For instance, Liberty Bicycles at 55th and 9th Avenue offers bike rentals at just $6 per hour.  And for those that want to eat healthly, lets not forget about Whole Foods located conveniently at Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle.

View of Central Park - Time Warner Center

For those that like to get out of the City on a regular basis, Midtown West is walking distance to major transportation centers like Port Authority and Penn Station.  But also, if you are a car owner, Midtown West offers some of the most reasonable prices for parking garages.  I currently pay just $280 per month for an indoor 24/7 garage whereas most garages in Manhattan are closer to $500 per month.

9 Restaurant - 53rd & 9th Ave

Some of New York’s finest restaurants are located in Midtown, and I am able to walk to all of them.  From Per Se to Nobu 57, I can easily pop in for a late dinner with no reservation necessary.  In addition to fine dining, Midtown West is tops for casual dining options as far as diversity and affordability.  Ninth Avenue is restaurant after restaurant with every ethnic cuisine you could want.  Thai, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Afghan Kebab, Ethiopian, Brazilian, and Indian food are all available for your nightly dinners.

Southern Hospitality (9th Ave) - Owned by Justin Timberlake

In conclusion, living in Midtown West can be a wonderful experience because of the tremendous access that it affords its residents.  From walking to work to walking to nightlife and entertainment, Midtown West allows one to live a truly green lifestyle.  There is something to be said for being close to everything.  It’s easy to go Uptown, it’s easy to go downtown, and crosstown is walkable.  If you are looking for a new lease on life, try Midtown West.  I’m sure you will love it.


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