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Exclusive Interview with Rachel Uchitel’s former co-worker at Bloomberg

Posted in Interviews on November 30, 2009 by Bright Lights

Courtesy of A.P.

Courtesy of A.P.

Rachel Uchitel has been linked as the supposed mistress of Tiger Woods.  But nearly seven years ago, Rachel Uchitel worked as a Bloomberg television producer.  During her employment, her fiance James Andrew O’Grady (then 32 years old) died in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11.  He was a managing director with Sandler O’Neil, a full service investment banking firm.   Our souce, Mr. X worked with Uchitel at Bloomberg for nearly 3 years.

Bright Lights:  What was it like working with Uchitel?

Mr. X:  She was known by co-workers.  When she walked by, people would turn their heads. 

Bright Lights:  What was her personality like?

Mr. X:  She was certainly a nice person.  Really outgoing and flirty.

Bright Lights:  Did you talk to her much after 9/11?

Mr. X:  She was really upset.  In fact, pictures of her crying were on the cover of magazines.  Maybe even People magazine?

Bright Lights:  When you look at recent pictures of her, what do you see?

Mr. X:  Well I’m pretty sure she has had some work done.  Maybe collagen lips, something with the chin.

Bright Lights:  Do you think its likely she had an affair with Tiger?

Mr. X:  She seems like she likes the spotlight.  Anything is possible.