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Rumors of Tiger Woods Threesome Gone Bad

Posted in Rumormill on December 15, 2009 by Bright Lights

AP Photo

We have received reports of several major publications trying to verify a very saucy incident involving one Tiger Woods several years ago.  While the story has not been verified, the rumor is that Tiger was involved in a threesome and one of the female participants began video-taping the encounter.  Tiger then supposedly angrily assaulted the ladies and destroyed the camera.  The un-substantiated source goes on to say that Tiger paid each of the ladies $2.3 million to keep the incident quiet.

On a personal note, I have a hard time believing that this story is true.  Sure, Tiger may not be husband of the year.  And sure, Tiger has tapped more tang than a NASA astronaut.  And sure, Tiger is someone who would go to great lengths to keep a story like that out of the news.  But I just don’t believe it.  Stay tuned folks.

Bright Lights, Big City.